Captain Morgan 1 Litre

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It's made to mix. Lemonade, ginger ale, fresh orange, grapefruit, pineapple juice... you name it, it'll mingle with it.

Captain Morgan drinks mix even better with food. If there's a better spirit drink for getting your friends around and ordering a pizza, we're yet to find it.

The original. The icon. It's Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, flavoured with the taste of vanilla, other natural flavours and spice for an irresistibly sweet yet subtly spiced taste. Versatility is its speciality. Make it hot, make it cold, make it sweet, make it fruity or even make it creamy. Delicious possibilities are there for the making.

There's a delicious world of possibilities out there - just waiting to be enjoyed. Captain Mint Coolers with extra mint. Captain On Ice with a double scoop of ice cream, just because. And the oh-so-amazing duo of a Captain Mojito and a bowlful of crisps.

Your future holds delicious possibilities. And with recipes this simple, the only difficult part will be figuring out what to try next.